Friday, February 17, 2006

An exhaustive search starts...

Thad Matta, Ohio State
Has expressed an interest in Indiana in the past, but considering his #1 ranked class coming in, who could walk away from that? Only if the NCAA cripples them with (overdue) sanctions would he want to leave O$U.
Mark Few, Gonzaga
Great success at Gonzaga and a hot prospect. He currently holds the best D1 winning percentage in the land (.811). Could he work the same magic in Bloomington as he has in Spokane?
Bruce Pearl, Tennessee
Great job this year getting the Vols talking basketball again. Also did marvelous job at UWM and Indiana St. Pearl was the 2nd fastest D1 coach to reach 300 wins; only UNC's Roy Williams was faster. Might be too soon to expect him to make a job switch.
Tom Crean, Marquette
Solid coach who could thrive running a top program like this one. And he knows the Big Ten (former MSU assistant).
Skip Prosser, Wake Forest
Whenever a big job opens, he always seems to end up on people's short lists.
Rick Majerus, former Utah coach
He sounded like he was lobbying for the job when he did the IU-Iowa telecast on Saturday. Health issues could come into play.
Steve Wojciechowski, Duke assistant
The market hasn't been good to Coach K disciples. With all of the other possibilities, this probably wouldn't be a strong bet.
Keepin' it in the family...
Randy Wittman, Orlando Magic assistant
Former IU All-American has NBA experience but no college coaching experience. Still, he has always been a favorite with the IU faithful.
Steve Alford, Iowa
Some IU fans want him simply because he was a great player 20 years ago. Those short-sighted fans forget that this is the Hawkeyes first successful season of the century. In fact, the man IU just forced out (Davis) has a better record the past 6 years. IU should wait to see what Alford can do without his super-seniors this year.
Keith Smart, Golden State Warriors assistant
Forever immortalized by "The Shot" that won the NCAA championship in 1987, Smart has NBA coaching experience, but not college.
Mike Woodson, Atlanta Hawks
An NBA coach, an 11-year NBA veteran and a two-time IU All-American. But would IU really be the right fit for him?
Dan Dakich, Bowling Green
Spent past nine years at Bowling Green. But he could have his third losing season in past four years.
Lawrence Frank, New Jersey Nets
IU background and solid NBA pedigree, but like Woodson, would he really be a good fit as a college coach with this storied program?
Ron Hunter, IUPUI
He's the hottest Division I coach in the state and considered by many to be a rising star.
Dane Fife, IPFW
First year as a college head coach. If this job opens in 2016, Fife could be the man.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bloomington: a drinking town w/ a bball problem

The best way to pregame is to have a good drinking game...

Sarrey's stranded at the airport. Good luck finding someone sober!

Just cuz I'm angry don't mean I aint havin a good time

First rule about skipping out on $50 beer tab: don't mention it until you leave

Shemma looking like a tool, but proudly displaying his box for the night

Danae: "I'm gonna be in the April Playboy!"
§: "Prove it."
Danae: "How?"
§: "Get naked. Now."

This is eerily familiar - da Chef takes bong shot before heading to bed

Pretty good spirits considering the Eviction Notice they got last week

Monday, February 06, 2006

Aint that funny, only use plastic

HA! How'd you get those tickets?

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. No IU victory, but the excitement was back in Bloomington, which means SchrockStar was drooling all weekend when reintroduced to the largest Bunny Ranch this side of Chicago.
You would have thought that after a weekend like last, I'd learn to slow down my pace, but nahhh.
Lets see if I can sum it up: pantless cheerleaders, Sink the Biz @ Nicks, 10am Jagerbombs, courtside vs. #1, snowball fights, 20th-bday-girl's funbag floppin out, pulling a Wedding Crashers move, watching Wedding Crashers, Notre Dame grad 'Bus' retires after winning superbowl, fellow classmate throws TD to MVP, make serious bank online (THE TOP 6 TEAMS ARE IN 1 CONFERENCE!), and driving home through Hamilton County on Superbowl night w/ cops hiding at each construction site. Sweet. Now I need to find a new job.
Beer pong and beer bong - there's not much of a difference in the term or game. Wait, beer bonging's not a game? Is The Vodka Bong a game?? Do I have an alcohol problem? Eh

Top 12 Comedy Podcasts

I'm not calling this a list of my favorites, because I know this to be fact, not opinion: Kill Tony T.Y.S.O. Bad Friends Are You Garbage...