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Driver/Owner Tony Stewart takes points lead

The Columbus, Indiana native (who just turned 38 last week) is living out the American Dream of a new and successful entrepreneurship. "You hope that you don't wake up tomorrow and all of a sudden realize that we're just getting ready to go to Daytona or something and it's all been a dream,'' said Smoke. Tony Stewart's runner-up showing at Dover has propelled him to become the first owner-driver to lead the championship standings since 1992, when the late Alan Kulwicki won the title in that season's last race. His 10-year tenure with the same team (Joe Gibbs), sponsor (Home Depot), and crew chief ( Greg Zipadell ) is a NASCAR record.

Need an update?

here it is, quick & dirty... Pacers fail to make playoffs . Bulls/Celtics was epic . Still got an awesome gf . Reds still suck . BFF moved to Guatemala . Vegas was fun . Colts draft was decent . New job @ Bella Vita . And lastly, Twitter sucks because a.) it doesn't work well with Firefox and b.) even when I click the "Remember Me" box it doesn't remember me! WTF? PS - Cinco de Mayo fiesta @ mi casa esta noche