Thursday, September 21, 2006

no Thesaurus, Wiki is the source for Lazarus

Repeat headline 3x fast

I want to name the new mutt Lazarus, but I need to do some research. Join me...

What does it sound like when I call his name?
Will he be mistaken when I casually say the word 'thesaurus'?
Also, what's the source* of this name, other than the apparel department store?
Turns out a younger version of me once knew of this Lazarus fella whilst LEARNING on a Sunday morning (as opposed to... well, ya know). Wiki tells me Jesus 'rescued' him from the dead (medical term: ROSC)
Things Wiki teaches us:
1. Jesus needed a bathroom break
(I would too if I did a GIS for "the source")
2. I bet Lazarus' frat buddies called him Laz the Spaz.
3. Guardian to Castle (aka Red Cape) is less than pleased,
probably because his Ho a Zombie-lover
4. Skulls were copious in 7 B.C.
5. I shall choose a different doggy name

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Vanderjagt is a nutjob
Except 47 is not the # for men who do this:
Domers in the League:
QB Carlyle Holiday
RB Julius Jones
RB Tony Fisher
FB Marc Edwards
WR Arnaz Battle
WR David Givens
WR Maurice Stovall
WR Matt Shelton
TE Anthony Fasano
T Luke Petitgout
T Mike Rosenthal
T Mike Gandy
G Dan Stevenson
G Sean Mahan
C Jeff Faine
DT Anthony Weaver
DT Bryant Young
DE Grant Irons
DE Justin Tuck
DE Bert Berry
MLB Rocky Boiman
MLB Mike Goolsby
OLB Courtney Watson
OLB Cory Mays
CB Bobby Taylor
CB Allen Rossum
CB Jeff Burris
CB Vontez Duff
FS Jarious Jackson
FS Glenn Earl
SS Gerome Sapp
SS Abram Elam
P Hunter Smith
K John Carney

Let's see how they perform on Madden'07!

Speaking of Madden and Notre Dame players...

Prone to the Madden Curse?
- 2-time Comeback Player of the Year winner ('95 & '01) Garrison Hearst twists ankle first play of scrimmage
- '88 Heisman winner, '98 NFL MVP, Barry Sanders/Dorsey Levens (Sanders retired)
- '95 Heisman, fresh off Superbowl XXXiV loss, Eddie George (key fumble in 1st playoff game, injured next year)
- He sorta sucks now w/o Moss, Dante Culpepper missed 5 games, team missed playoffs
- AP Offensive Player of the Year in '99, '00 and '01, NFL MVP '00, Marshall Faulk injured, team missed playoffs
- #1 overall draft pick failing to live up to lofty expectations, Michael Vick broke leg in preseason, team missed playoffs
- Superbowl XXV MVP, non-convicted murderer, Ray Lewis breaks wrist, 0 ints, team missed playoffs
- fresh off Superbowl XXXiX, Donovan McNabb injured, missed 7 games, team missed playoffs
- Shaun Alexander (take SEAHAWKS A.T.S. all season)

§ sez: lowercase-i for the win!

Monday, September 11, 2006

MNF double-domer

The G.I.N. Bucket

Consecutive weekends of IU tailgating
should have me thoroughly drained
but I'm still wanting more like Charlie wants food.
"Where's my pie?"

Thank You, NFL, for the header² tonight.
'Hands' Tirico & Co

I'm glued to lately, because I likey IU's future

Top 12 Comedy Podcasts

I'm not calling this a list of my favorites, because I know this to be fact, not opinion: Kill Tony T.Y.S.O. Bad Friends Are You Garbage...