Thursday, September 21, 2006

no Thesaurus, Wiki is the source for Lazarus

Repeat headline 3x fast

I want to name the new mutt Lazarus, but I need to do some research. Join me...

What does it sound like when I call his name?
Will he be mistaken when I casually say the word 'thesaurus'?
Also, what's the source* of this name, other than the apparel department store?
Turns out a younger version of me once knew of this Lazarus fella whilst LEARNING on a Sunday morning (as opposed to... well, ya know). Wiki tells me Jesus 'rescued' him from the dead (medical term: ROSC)
Things Wiki teaches us:
1. Jesus needed a bathroom break
(I would too if I did a GIS for "the source")
2. I bet Lazarus' frat buddies called him Laz the Spaz.
3. Guardian to Castle (aka Red Cape) is less than pleased,
probably because his Ho a Zombie-lover
4. Skulls were copious in 7 B.C.
5. I shall choose a different doggy name

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