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Guess Who's Bizzack

After a 6-month hiatus I am declaring myself back!  My excuse is I couldn't comfortably blog with the lack of hardware (ie. physical keyboard) and connectivity (ie. LAN), but now that I have those back you can expect more of my rambling nonsense... Let's start with the NFL Draft - Colts own the #1 pick and its no doubt they'll go with Andrew Luck . After that, its RGIII, then who knows. Well Jim Irsay is hosting a contest via Twitter that lets anyone guess the 32 picks (in order) to win a BMW. I entered my picks Tuesday and here's what I got: 1. Luck (Colts) 2. Griffin (Redskins) 3. Kalil (Vikings) 4. Richardson (Browns) 5. Claiborne (Bucs) 6. Blackmon (Rams) 7. Gilmore (Jaguars) 8. Tannehill (Dolphins) 9. Cox (Panthers) 10. Barron (Bills) 11. Keuchly (Chiefs) 12. Ingram (Seahawks) 13. DeCastro (Cardinals) 14. Floyd (Cowboys) 15. Kirkpatrick (Eagles) 16. Poe (Jets) 17. Upshaw (Benglas) 18. Reiff (Chargers) 19. Wright (Bears)