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Time for an update?

Xmas provided the r&r for the J-O-B . Now it's a short week and a long weekend in Chi-town til Monday, 1/1/07. Tuesday is Sampson's Hoosiers vs Oden's Buckeyes. Wednesday DJ earns his first annual I-came-out-of-the-womb celebration, same evening as Irish/LSU ... I'll just DVR it. This is one of those weeks and yet I still find time to squeeze in a 'double' date w/ 2 IU Alpha Phis. Double for me - and for them. HI FIVE!

"I coached Indiana 10 years - I HATE PURDUE!"

Like many Saturdays recently, there are pieces missing from the puzzle. Luckily, I have a kickass mobile flicker to save the moments I don't remember.

It's a Jeep thing...

SchrockStar's NFL Power Rankings

1. Colts - let's be honest: I'm a homer, they're #1 until they lose a game. I know their Run D sucks, but they'll fix it by January 2. Bears - everyone knows how scary their D is, but Grossman has quickly matured into a stable QB 3. Eagles - Winning with so few superstars demonstrates Reid's coaching staff is The Elite of the league 4. Chargers - This team can't get much better at any position - except the most important one, QB 5. Seahawks - They don't lose at home, and you can't stop their 4 WR+Alexander attack - sans Lions, Ravens and Bears. Oh my! Watching from home? 6. Broncos - Brutal schedule may prevent them from making playoffs, but they can beat any team on any day 7. Bengals - winning @ PITT was negated by losing at home to N.E. - will the real CIN please stand up? 8. Ravens - Their D can win them games as long as McNair doesn't lose them 9. Jaguars - blanking SBXL champs means they can no longer fly under the radar; need to improve coachi

no Thesaurus, Wiki is the source for Lazarus

Repeat headline 3x fast I want to name the new mutt Lazarus, but I need to do some research. Join me... What does it sound like when I call his name? Will he be mistaken when I casually say the word 'thesaurus'? Also, what's the source* of this name, other than the apparel department store? Turns out a younger version of me once knew of this Lazarus fella whilst LEARNING on a Sunday morning (as opposed to... well, ya know). Wiki tells me Jesus 'rescued' him from the dead (medical term: ROSC) Things Wiki teaches us: 1. Jesus needed a bathroom break (I would too if I did a GIS for "the source") 2. I bet Lazarus' frat buddies called him Laz the Spaz. 3. Guardian to Castle (aka Red Cape) is less than pleased, probably because his Ho a Zombie-lover 4. Skulls were copious in 7 B.C. 5. I shall choose a different doggy name

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Except 47 is not the # for men who do this: Domers in the League: QB Carlyle Holiday RB Julius Jones RB Tony Fisher FB Marc Edwards WR Arnaz Battle WR David Givens WR Maurice Stovall WR Matt Shelton TE Anthony Fasano T Luke Petitgout T Mike Rosenthal T Mike Gandy G Dan Stevenson G Sean Mahan C Jeff Faine DT Anthony Weaver DT Bryant Young DE Grant Irons DE Justin Tuck DE Bert Berry MLB Rocky Boiman MLB Mike Goolsby OLB Courtney Watson OLB Cory Mays CB Bobby Taylor CB Allen Rossum CB Jeff Burris CB Vontez Duff FS Jarious Jackson FS Glenn Earl SS Gerome Sapp SS Abram Elam P Hunter Smith K John Carney Let's see how they perform on Madden'07! Speaking of Madden and Notre Dame players... Prone to the Madden Curse? 1999 - 2-time Comeback Player of the Year winner ('95 & '01) Garrison Hearst twists ankle first play of scrimmage 2000 - '88 Heisman winner, '98 NFL MVP, Barry Sanders/Dorsey Levens (Sanders retired) 2001 - '95 Heisman, fresh off Superbowl XXXiV lo

MNF double-domer

The G.I.N. Bucket Consecutive weekends of IU tailgating should have me thoroughly drained but I'm still wanting more like Charlie wants food. "Where's my pie?" Thank You, NFL, for the header² tonight. 'Hands' Tirico & Co I'm glued to lately, because I likey IU's future

Now that's Manning-Up

I'm Serious I only lie to my girl

late August, still in drivers seat

a 14-0 flogging of the 'Stros last night added to the excitement that is... ...the NL Wild Card

Horsing around

With the Colts season unofficially underway, the team & I started training camp in 105 ° heat... but we found some shade Shaun King has skills. Too bad he'll never see the field. Also partook in a couple Reds games over the weekend... Saturday's seats: 350' from home plate

Don't wanna die til I get older

Poolside w/ DJ

Quiznos next spokesbaby: He's wondering what I'm really looking at... He likes my tongue?

In-Why-See recap

I had no expectations, and obviously had no plans, and that's what made it so fucking sweet. I didn't get to see all that Big Apple offers, which makes me want to visit again this weekend. From what I remember, I did get to experience Chinatown, Lil Italy, SoHo, 5th Ave, and of course, Central Park. The hazy parts are highlighted by our Sat-nite trip to Stereo (29th & 12th Ave)... waltzing past the red velvet rope of unfabulous people, we partied with DJ AM (aka Mr Nicole Richie) all night enjoying multiple bottles of vodka, and apparently capped off by a couple Chinese Fire Drills on Broadway. I say 'apparently' because... I don't remember anything after the sixth or seventh blunt - which would probably explain why I slept outside my first night in New York City. View more snaps here

NYC or bust!

Yep, it's really happening. T-Ho & I are spending the extended weekend at his sister's in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York fucking City . If I don't make it back, remember I love you all.

My Sis' Wedding

So I wasn't the official photographer, but found a few moments to flash my digi. Here's my sis and her husband: Our parents and my nephew, DJ: mom's parents: pops' parents over here! ... gramps! I'm sure there'll be more in the future - Peter Michael may have some that could be used for blackmail, so keep an eye out.

I got a feva

I've decided I'm following this team til the end no matter how they finish. They deserve most of the admiration I give, and for that I'm finally grateful. They can compete for speed, defense, depth, HR power and now show 2 ½ reliable SPs. Fix that bullpen and set sights on Pennant (and pray Junior doesn't keel over from... whatever ails him). It's wedding season and spirits are higher than usual. The best stuff in life is that which can't be prescribed. If this is global warming, I'm all FOR it . Someone just popped the champaign, gotta run.

Go DJ, that's my DJ

Ol boi turned 4 months last week, and he's finally putting on weight. Isn't he the cutest?

as we approach 20 million blogs

more things I love: not thinking to myself once all day "when do I get out of here?" free lunches flirtatious women finding the no-traffic route home garage door openers back massages 9pm dusk in spring Irish football ... and funions. yeah.
Hi! You may or may not know me that well, but you found your way here and now you're stuck with me. You're gonna read this whole post, if not scroll down further. You still here? Good. My name is Pete, people call me SchrockStar . I will call you... later. For now, let me tell you about me. I recently moved into a house in Fishers/Noblesville near Deer Creek . I just started a new job at Walker Information doing IT stuff . I just spent a 5-day vacation in Bloomington that can only be retold w/ pictures . On Monday, I had a first-date w/ a waitress I met on Valentine's Day. The McD's PoY sat 5 ft from us at dinner. He wore a bib. She wasn't wearing any panties. And last night, J-O gave me his armband after sitting courtside in his career playoff game vs the Nets . These things make me happy. I also love music , women, Hoosiers and life; and I couldn't care less if I suddenly died tomorrow. I've lost count how many times I've blacked out in 200

Lil 5 2k6

Chillin on the rooftop on a nice sunny day... drinking a brew with the boys before the race. G.Phi-B Ashley has such a beautiful smile! Ladies & Gentlemen: Swampwater. Live it. I could be wrong, but I may be intoxicated. More beautiful women. Is it my birthday?

March + Indy = Basketball

I give this moment 1 Thumbs-Up

A St Patty's Day to remember... whoops

The Feisty One meets SchrockStar, moments after collecting a typical 16 boards in a huge victory over Sactown. Ron's jeers were accompanied by a profanity-laced drunk sitting 6th row. How I refrained from tossing a beer at him is beyond me. But I did manage to find some pink chalk and let the Lockerroom know how I felt. I think it was the bragging that got me kicked out. It's easy using my cell phone to chronical my nights, but some artifacts are still puzzling me, like green stains on my blazer, no car in the driveway, and exactly what point between Claddagh, Champps and Conseco did I decide to get my hair chopped off... Now I get to stomp on my liver for a third consecutive night while celebrating an IU victory over Gonzaga for a Sweet 16 birth. Yes, this is my Spring Break.

Tucker Max meets SchrockStar

I wish I had some awesome story about how we bagged some 19-yr-old coeds after a Wednesday night at Bluebird, but I can't speak for Tucker. However, he was in true form when he signed my book: And you thought Tucker Max was an asshole ...

An exhaustive search starts...

Thad Matta, Ohio State Has expressed an interest in Indiana in the past, but considering his #1 ranked class coming in, who could walk away from that? Only if the NCAA cripples them with (overdue) sanctions would he want to leave O$U. Mark Few, Gonzaga Great success at Gonzaga and a hot prospect. He currently holds the best D1 winning percentage in the land (.811). Could he work the same magic in Bloomington as he has in Spokane? Bruce Pearl, Tennessee Great job this year getting the Vols talking basketball again. Also did marvelous job at UWM and Indiana St. Pearl was the 2nd fastest D1 coach to reach 300 wins; only UNC's Roy Williams was faster. Might be too soon to expect him to make a job switch. Tom Crean, Marquette Solid coach who could thrive running a top program like this one. And he knows the Big Ten (former MSU assistant). Skip Prosser, Wake Forest Whenever a big job opens, he always seems to end up on people's short lists. Rick Majerus, former Utah coach

Bloomington: a drinking town w/ a bball problem

The best way to pregame is to have a good drinking game... Sarrey's stranded at the airport. Good luck finding someone sober! Just cuz I'm angry don't mean I aint havin a good time First rule about skipping out on $50 beer tab: don't mention it until you leave Shemma looking like a tool, but proudly displaying his box for the night Danae: "I'm gonna be in the April Playboy!" §: "Prove it." Danae: "How?" §: "Get naked. Now." This is eerily familiar - da Chef takes bong shot before heading to bed Pretty good spirits considering the Eviction Notice they got last week