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Indy tops many more lists

As mentioned in numerous posts on this blog, central Indiana is continually ranked as one of the best places in America. Here's some more proof: TIME  "Top 10 Best Cities to Start New Career"   New York Times "52 Places to go in 2014" USA Today "Best Convention City"   Livability  "Top 10 Downtowns"  (#3) Locality  "Most Affordable City for Yuppies" US News "Best State Government" Some factors that determine these top rankings include: the Indy 500 "Best Bucket List Sports Event " the Children's Museum "Best Museum for Families" In addition to being dubbed the "Amateur Sports Capital of the World", Indianapolis stands above the rest partly due to their professional team's success, shrine-like sports venues, NCAA HQ, F1 Grand Prix, PanAm Games, Superbowl(s?), the annual NFL Combine, 8* Final Fours, and the Track & Field and Swimming & Diving championships - ju

America's most surprising city

click image for full article  "Clean-cut Indy is the state capital and a perfectly pleasant place to ogle racecars and take a spin around the renowned speedway. The art museum and White River State Park have their merits, as do the Mass Ave and Broad Ripple 'hoods for eating and drinking." Update: Lonely Planet also listed Indianapolis in their Best in the US list .

I wish I could do something like that

I never really put much stock into the saying "Everything Happens for a Reason" but the older I get the more I'm starting to believe it. I don't really believe in God's plan or destiny, but circumstances in your life will present themselves with opportunities, and you can act upon your instincts - or sit there and wonder "what if?" for the rest of your life. I live to experience the ecstasy of freedom. This latest adventure really started in April of last year when I started working at ExactTarget. Prior, I had felt guilty 'wasting' my degree while working odd jobs. I prefer to have my freedom with limited funds rather than limited freedom with more funds. But I reached a level that required me to re-join corporate America. Having previously worked at ET, I already knew about the culture, including the media outlets ranking them as one of the top places to work, so I returned to the cubical life after a couple years of avoiding a desk job.  

Hoosiers have sexiest dreams

According to the American DreamsCloud Index , Indiana residents report dreaming about sex more than any other state. Among all users who report their dreams to DreamCloud, your Hoosiers lead the nation in content related to sexual intercourse, pregnancy and babies. Could this be related to the survey that recognizes Indianapolis as the #1 sexually satisfied city ? Or another survey that reports Indianapolis men are willing to spend the most on a first date ? Or another survey that rates the kinkiest places ? Whatever's in the water, I'll have another glass.

Carmel and Fishers named America's safest place to live

This one caught my attention - not just because of the city that grabbed the #1 spot, but the cities that grabbed the top TWO spots. Carmel just barely beat out Fishers for the #1 ranking on Movoto's List , calculated by the lowest number of violent crimes per capita (highlighted by both towns having no murders last year), how many victims of crimes, and also property crimes - most falling under the category of 'theft'. I've already highlighted the #1 ranking bestowed upon the Indy-area in numerous other categories including affordability, livability, sports, jobs, schools, etc. and this one simply adds to the prestige that makes this metropolis so great.