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10 Year Anniversary of Bill Polian & Colts

Ten years ago we were a franchise with a lone AFC title run in 15 years of embarrassment. Marvin Harrison wore #8 and Tarik Glenn was an undersized 23-yr-old starter. Through drafts alone Polian has built a potent offense via the SEC and da U: Peyton Manning, Edge (now Joe Addai), and Reggie Wayne. After adding Hall of Famers Tony Dungy and Dwight Freeney, the Colts focused on the BigTen: Hawkeyes Dallas Clark & Bob Sanders, UM's Marlin Jackson, and more Buckeyes than just Anthony Gonzales. The 2006 WORLD CHAMPS have also achieved: • 5 consecutive DIVISION BANNERS. • 5 consecutive seasons of 12+ victories, the first time that has been achieved in the NFL's 88-year history • the only team in NFL history to win 75% 5 consecutive years (AFC SOUTH is ranked #1) • A place alongside the Green Bay Packers of '29-31 as the only teams to start 3 consecutive seasons 7-0 or better: 13-0, 9-0 and 7-0 • The Colts are the only NFL franchise to keep its starting QB & offensive

Apparently our local thugs don't play fantasy basketball

With apologies to Jason Whitlock ... This doesn't happen in the Indiana I love. This Indiana hosts sellout High School gymnasiums larger than it's own town size. We worship free throws and 17 year old boys. John Wooden. Butler Bulldogs. Larry Bird. Bob Knight. "Hoosiers". Unfortunately we also have claim to Zeke, Shawn Kemp, and Purdue. Tin-man's averaging career highs in assists, steals, rebounds, FT%, minutes as well as TOs (3.6 highest since rookie year, 3.4). Although he's on an NBA roster without any NBA-level backup (see Andre Owens, Travis Diener). He's thriving within this offense, especially when Jermaine doesn't play, his tempo is faster and better suited for his free-style. Jim O'Brien's doing a good job recognizing how to utilize these players to their potential, knowing full well we are no longer championship material. So tomorrow we'll be saying "free JT" or "R.I.P. JT", but inside I'll be thankfu

They scream 'Free Pimp C' but now they see the Pimp free

One Day You're Here, and then You're Gone SchrockStar's Top 10 [feat.] Pimp C tracks: 1. Big Pimpin (w/ Jay-Z) "Uhhh, now what y'all know bout them Texas boys!?" 2. Murda Man Dance (w/ Spice 1) "I'm from Port Arther Texas where the hatin is high. Just for the record fuck you bitches you hos aint fly." 3. Sippin on Some Sizzurp (w/ Three Six Mafia) "If you got 16, you can get a biz-zerd. I'm choking on that doja sweet and sipping on that sizz-erp" 4. International Players Anthem (w/ Outkast) "Some hoes wanna choose but them bitches too scary. Your bitch chose me, you aint a pimp you a fairy" 5. White Girl (w/ E-40 & Juelz Santana) "Ya already know they eat nuts like a squirrel. Let me hit ya in your ass and bust nuts in your curl" 6. Do Your Time (w/ Luda, Beanie Sigel, & C-Murder) see subj head... 7. I Miss My Homies (w/ Master P & C-Murder) "So I just smoke my weed and try to clear my mind

Hoosiers play 13th game in Tempe on New Year's Eve

Our (7-5) Indiana Hoosiers have been invited to play in the Insight Bowl vs (6-6) Okay State Pokies. IU previously played in the (Copper) bowl in 1991, blanking Baylor 24-0. While the warm weather is nice, ending the 14-year drought is what makes this game so special. Students have been given the opportunity to order a free ticket, compliments of the IU Athletic Dept. The final collegiate football game of 2007 will be broadcast on the NFL Network and will have a $1.2 million payout per team.

§ NFL Power Rankings

R.I.P. #21 Patriots - Their passing assault went from SUCK to SICK with the new additions Colts - losing Freeney was a major blow, but the Champs are likely to bounce back Cowboys - Most complete team in the NFC, should have no trouble in playoffs Steelers - They have what it takes to win it all this year, but first must fend off the Browns Packers - I remember the exact moment I jumped on the Pack's bandwagon this year: Tracy White's TD a minute into the season Chargers - Rivers is this year what un-Sexy Rexy was last year: wide QB-rating range Jaguars - a road matchup with the Colts will mean everything to this team, let's see if they show up Seahawks - let's see if Holmgren is just using the Tony Dungy method: resting his perennial Pro Bowler Saints - Reggie Bush is now the primary back, let's see if #25 can handle the load Giants - very similar to the Jaguars: great D-line, solid offense, and need new coach Eagles Browns Lions Bears Buccaneers Titans Redskins Br

IU's James Hardy and Greg Middleton named 2nd Team All-Americans

Sophomore Greg Middleton leads the nation with a school-record 16 sacks and has recorded multiple sacks in six games this season. Middleton's sack total is tied for the fourth-highest in Big Ten history. Middleton and Junior James Hardy also earned 1st team All-Conference honors, while sophomore QB Kellen Lewis, K Austin Starr and DB Tracy Porter were chosen on the 2nd team.

Everyone's thankful we're Hoosiers

A.Starr and EJ respectively earn Players of the Week, celebrating THE greatest weekend in Bloomington of 2007. The football team will be playing their first Bowl game since '93 , the basketball team is undefeated and atop the BigTen , and the Men's Soccer squad is ranked #4 overall headed into the Sweet16 . Non-Btown News : The Indiana Pacers, Notre Dame Irish AND Superbowl Champion Indianapolis Colts all halted their 2-week ( too weak? ) losing streaks. The problem is the Irish are on a good note, at 2-and-whatever. With Freeney done for the year and more nagging injuries for Jim O'Brien's frontcourt, it's still amateurs over pros ( ...amateur's overprose! ).

ROX/SOX World Series?

► Pacers pick up options on Forwards Danny G#33, Ike D. and Shawne Williams ► Reds hire Dusty Baker(?!?) as skipper ► Bowl-bound Hoosiers lose bid/Old Brass Spitoon ► Heisman hopefull Matt Ryan and #4 BC beat #119 Irish (above) ► Colts had bye, my fantasy team suffered ► Sampson punished for receiving 3-way calls

Colts, Hoosiers, Irish roll!

And to make it a TRU § weekend: Cubs swept! Yankees eliminated! Purdon't loses! USC shocked at home! T-O almost clinched it, but his multiple chokings were harmless thanks to Nick Folk's heroics. Here's to Trent Green never throwing another pass!

A pumpkin saved is a pumpkin earned

► Hoosiers (4-1) upset Hawkeyes' homecoming ► LC Boys Soccer wins State (again) ► Bud Mackey arrested for slangin coke ► Yo, 146th finally opens tomorrow!

my only Reds post '07

I haven't spoken here much about the Reds, but they deserve a 20-minute blogging. First off, I want to thank them for providing the smidge of interest I still have in baseball... Yankees/BoSox don't do it for me, I'd rather go to a bar and watch it. ► Secondly, Griffey had his best year (30 HR, 100 RBI) since his Reds debut campaign in '00. No player in baseball is more loved than Junior, and I couldn't be happier he's a Redleg. ► Finally: Phillips, Keppinger, Encarnacion and Votto shone bright as infielders plus Hamilton and Bruce in the OutField and I can be renewed again as a fan. Hopper and Dunn will be the weak joints but the Big Red Machine could come alive. Of course, that also depends on who will be in the rotation w/ Arroyo and Harang (Shearn? Belisle? Bailey? Cueto?) to get us into the playoffs. Remember, the Reds play in the shifty NL Central where division winner takes league crown too. As long as they're improving the front office and roster

Rose Bowl?

► IU's defense has emerged as the NCAA leader in sacks thanks to Indy's tandem of Greg Middleton (pictured above) and Will Patterson. ► Kellen Lewis should win BigTen PoW honors after his 5 TD performance, including 200 rushing yards. ► James Hardy is only 5 TDs shy of the school record (30) after only 21 games played. ► Austin Starr ( no relation ) has missed only one FG in 8 attempts, including a 48-yarder last week vs WMU. This wouldn't be a compelling statistic if you haven't followed IU football for the past decade, but it's a major boost when there's 3 or 4 games each season where IU is on the short end of a single-score deficit. It was so bad that PATs weren't automatic! ► I'm still not a fan of Head Coach Bill Lynch, especially with his horrific play-calling, but Hep's upperclassmen are shining with an undefeated record heading into BigTen play. Without Michigan or Ohio $tate on the schedule this year, the Hoosiers' chances of making a bo

Google the Sky?

I swear, applications like this make my drive hard and my keyboard sticky. This is exactly why I'm naming my first newborn G'00gle (yep, those are zeroes. represent.)

Hayden Panettiere is 18

We should all stand up and applaud Blake Powers

Lucky Stars for IU & Colts, Pacers plight

We finally have proof that cheating occurs and an embarrassed David Stern will still be commish after this. Big Market players and teams will still receive special treatment like a BigTen home game and the half-empty arenas will resemble high school- ish atmosphere. At least Conseco was trying when they ran their extended promotion last season making general admission $4. It's becoming miserable to root for my Pacers now, something I've never felt in my lifetime. As a lazy Reds fan, I'm used to it. But I no longer have my 4 die-hard teams, and as they say, some of my childhood is gone. I have a single piece of memorabilia at my crib, a J-O coozie . Conversely, I have over a dozen each Colts/Hoosiers/Irish gear... Can we attribute the downfall starting with Larry (as owner, not coach)? I suggest we trade J-O for multiple draft picks & Ben Wallace. It's not a fix-all, but it's the best path back to Title Contender , as long as Donnie's calling the shots

Tarik Glenn wants a new contract

Ex-Hoosiers, Gamblers and Babies

- Gerry DiNardo be joining Dave Revsine and Howard Griffith in the studio booth on the BigTen Network this fall. You probably don't care because you probably don't have DirectTV . - Andre Owens is impressing new Pacers coach Jim O'Brien as they wrap up summer league play. Although Stevie Franchise and Brevin Knight are free agents, I think Larry is content with Jamaal until his contract runs out. The only way he'll be supplanted as starting PG is thru a major trade or next year's draft. They might be looking at picking up Jannero Pargo or Keith McLeod as well. - The World Series of Poker ended today, and it really lived up to it's name. Jerry Yang, a 39-yr-old shrink from Laos took down 7 of the final 8 players at the final table which included a Brit, a Canuck , a Russian, a Vietnamese , an African and a Danish fellow. Yang took home $8.25 mil from the tournament that featured over 6,000 players with a $10k buy-in. - A 17-yr-old girl from Indiana was on

The § Mid-Summer Weekly Recap

This was supposed to be a vacation, yet I wasn't able to sleep-in once this past week. Starting with a spur-of-the-moment road trip (is there any other kind?) with Nate, I was promptly issued a speeding ticket in a Work Zone. Then our plan of sneaking alcohol into the stadium was thwarted when we discovered you cannot buy liquor in downtown Cincinnati unless you cross the river over to Kentucky. Since we had already parked and began drinking, this was not an option. We decided to chug as many beers as possible to reach maximum intoxication by 7:05pm. Then one fairy hobo told us about a super-secret, foreigner-owned cigarette shop (is there any other kind?) a few blocks away that sells hard alcohol. We then scalped a pair of 4th row seats behind the Reds' dugout. I had large pockets, so security didn't bat an eye as I snuck in the fifth of Early Times. Just after we arrived at the stadium, we purchased 2 large Cokes and poured out half, mixing in the tasty bourbon whiskey.

Dane Cook podcast

Does Co ok's co medy co mpare to Co hen & Co nan? Me thinks so.

Are ya workin hard or hardly workin?

In rare form today, I present you another post. You will love it... unless of course, you've never had an office job.

Colts claim Perkins off waivers

Taken in the fourth round by the Cleveland Browns 2 yrs ago, Antonio Perkins has decent size and speed. He left Oklahoma with 125 career tackles, 11 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries and a sack. He registered one of the most spectacular individual performances in NCAA history by returning 3 punts for TDs against UCLA and returning 8 in his career, both NCAA records. Perkins has never returned a punt in the NFL, but has collected 3 kickoffs, averaging 27½ yards. This is hard for me to type, but I think I like Oklahoma U. "But SchrockStar, I thought you only rooted for the home team?" Tis true, but did you know there are over 30 Sooners in the NFL today? I bet you couldn't list more than Tommy Harris, Adrian Peterson and Roy Williams. They produce solid athletes with good character... and they also wear Crimson & Cream. Akin to the Irish/Hoosiers/Colts: the Sooners always abide by the rules and still win championships with class. Oh yeah, they also gave us 2-time

This Week in § Sports:

Homer Bailey wins MLB debut Colts receive their ri ngs Hoosiers land another top-10 recruit Tiger nearly clin ches playoff As for LeBron? Well, we hardly knew ye... It's Mah Turn!

Gravitational Phenomena 101

Freddie Keiaho is the future

With the 2 picks the Colts made late last night it's safe to say we're not looking at ILB Brandon Siler. I was hoping maybe the Colts would love to add a National Champion to their roster of World Champions... or maybe his knee injury scurr'd them enough to go with CB Daymeion Hughes and this lovely fellow: Are we obsessed with the Big Ten?? 2007: 1-Anthony Gonzalez (O$U), 3-Quinn Pitcock ^^ (O$U) 2006 : 1-Marlin Jackson (UM), 2-Kelvin Hayden (UI) 2005 : 2-Bob Sanders (Iowa), 3-Ben Hartsock (O$U), 3-Gilbert Gardner (PU) 2004 : 1-Dallas Clark (Iowa), 2-Mike Doss (O$U) Throw in 3 more Wisconsin guys in those same years, plus 2 kickers (Rayner and Kimball) and it's quite obvious we love the Big10. I love the Roy Hall pick. This guy probably won't make the roster, but he will most likely be AG's rommie through camp, thus easing the transition for Peyton's new #3. Classy move akin to (IU?) bringing in a high school recruit's coach to the college staff. Po

A: This is Why I'm Hot

Q: What do Venn Diagrams , Child-porn and Don Imus have in common?

Dear Mr Oden,

When you hear your dad say, "Why wait when there's a chance of getting hurt?" know that it's his paternal duty to support you. He also thinks you're getting your degree in your off-season (haha). But then I read your ex-coach's comments: "He's averaging like nine shots a game, and he's shooting 60 percent or better. It's frustrating for him," Jimmy Smith, Oden's first coach and one of his closest friends, said prior to the Final Four. "They want him to play all this defense, then they want to go down and shoot the 3," Smith said. "By talking to him, I know it's frustrating to him that he doesn't get the ball as much as he should." So you're frustrated about not getting more shots per game? What makes you think you'll get more shots in Memphis? or Boston? For as mature as you look, you surely aren't showing any wisdom. Nobody believes what your dad said, except maybe you. W.T.F is going to make

With the 32nd pick, the XLi Champs select...

The defense lost two solid veterans in Cato June and Nick Harper, but I doubt we'll be looking for a CB with a core secondary of Bob Sanders, Antoine Bethea, Jason David, Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden. I've heard reports that Ron Meeks and Mike Murphy are ready to push Freddie Keiaho to start at LB alongside Rob Morris and Gary Brackett. This is obviously the ONLY HOLE in the Colts starting 25 (22 + Hunter Smith, Adam Vinatieri, Terrence Wilkins). The run-defense stepped up in the playoffs, but you cannot expect Booger and Brock to plug the gaps every down. The next position we need to look at is RB. With the absence of Rhodes, Peyton will need a similar compliment to handle some of the rushing/blocking when Addai rests. The type of player Gene Huey wants here will be someone that's available on Day #2 or even in Free Agency. When Brandon Stokely only played a handful of games, we saw replacement-wannabes continually drop passes from Peyton's laser-rocket arm. M

This is what I know

► Arkansas should not have been invited and USC is very overrated as a 5-seed. The more I look at this bracket, the more I realize these are not random matchups. They gave Texas the easiest path to a Sweet 16 birth because their record deserved a 4-seed - but we know this team is really a 1-seed when Durant, AJ and DJ are in their groove. ► Here's how Winthrop's non-conf schedule went: @ Iona, @ UNC, @ MissSt, @ Maryland, @ N.Ill, @ Wisc, @ E.Carolina, @ Old Dominion, @ Texas A&M. This team ran their conference and finished the season with only 4 losses. Notre Dame is tough, but the Eagles will no doubt repeat last year's performance where they almost upset 2-seed Tennessee. I'm looking forward to a Winthrop/Wisconsin rematch (Badgers won by 3 in OT @ Madison in December) for an Elite 8 birth. ► We see Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, Indiana and UCLA in the West bracket almost every year because the committee wants good, late-night ratings. OK, so maybe KU and UCLA are

I'm pitching underhand to you..

[conf champ] ► Top Seeds: O $ U, UCLA, Kansas, UNC ► 2's: UF , Wisc, G'town, Memphis ► 3's: A&M, Pitt, WSU, SIU ►4-5's: Texas, Maryland, Nevada , L'ville, Virginia, Tenn, UNLV , ND ►6-7's: VaTech, Marquette , Duke, BYU, BC, Oregon, Winthrop , IU ►8-9's: Creighton , AF, UK, Arizona, MSU, Vandy, Xavier, Butler ►10-11's: G.Tech, USC, VCC , Nova, T.Tech, Davidson , Gonzaga, Wright St ► Last 6 in: Illinois, 'Cuse, Purdue, Arkansas, FSU, Old Dominion ►13-16's: Weber St, Albany, Deleware St, Holy Cross, Oral Roberts, Penn, Belmont, Toldeo, E.Ky, MVSU, Niagra, Long Beach, CConnSt, North Texas, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical of Corpus Cristi " Islanders " $ = cheat to win

the paparazzi mader doit!

I still think this is the best she's looked in years...

Indianapolis is king of football

And we're CHAMPIONS 4-lyfe!

Chicago spy infiltration from Colts' staff...

click above for full Facebook album seriously, I saw spies Cheese & wine, beer, champagne, etc. yes, that is a FUBU jersey Bears fans seen exiting at halftime...

"They were who we thought they were!"

Indy wins + Chargers win = undefeated team (at home) faces another undefeated team at home. But because the Colts relaxed since Dallas, we'll have to fly --> whale's vagina; following a dance on their face and then subsequently bedding their latino women to face NFC foe in XLi. Indy wins + Patroits win = world is over. Here's a recent comment from fellow '00 classmate Anttaj Hawthorne : "Dr Fantasy Champ , You nailed it this year on the NFL Power Rankings... your top 26 teams' rankings - even the comments were money! You gotta work on getting all 31 though. I'm a Packers fan residing in Santa Clara (via New England) and you hated on all 4 of my teams!" Hey, Anttaj - you were only a Packers fan for 4 years. Stick w/ 1 team! At least you'll have ""The Golden Boy"" to ""Save"" your ""Franchise"": Walker, Quinn, McKnight, Abiamiri, Ndukwe should all go early and just maybe my Gold jersey