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My Man Mitch Speaketh

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels addressed the CPAC crowd tonight in Washington DC, noting the growing federal debt is threatening the survival of the nation, and conservatives must unite themselves and the country behind defeating the 'new Red Menace' of red ink. Daniels, who served as  political director under former  President Ronald Reagan and  budget director under former President George W. Bush, said the necessary changes include restructuring Social Security and Medicare for later retirees, putting at least a moratorium on new regulations, if not adopting a "self-certification regime," making the tax code "lower and flatter," ramping up domestic energy production and not exempting defense spending from budget scrutiny.  Daniels said it's up to conservatives to be specific on "the best way back to greatness." But that doesn't mean they should hold out for an ideal solution. "Should the best way be blocked, while the enemy draws

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