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My name is SchrockStar and I am an asshole

There aren't too many nights in which it's my best friend's birthday and he comes over for poker and pre-gaming. There aren't too many nights DP is in town , nonetheless in the state . There aren't too many nights I agree to meet a stranger (whom I met online... yeah) for some beers at Broad Ripple. Needless to say, I was anticipating a fun night... Anticipation turned into enthusiasm. Enthusiasm turned into fervor. And with a lil help from some spirits, fervor soon turned into recklessness that can only be sumed up as ' SchrockStar mode '. You know you're done when you're at that point in which you do something and everyone looks at you like "What's he gonna do next?". Somebody managed to pull the ol switcharoo on my vodka with a water bottle, and I didn't realize it until I finished the bottle and triumphantly claimed "See! I told ya'll I could drink the whole thing!" I was belligerent before 11 and thus never m

no Colts, no problem

- AFC Championship game: Steelers @ Denver - NFC Championship game: Steve Smith @ Seattle - UNC vs FSU - the Seminoles had a shot at the buzzer to upset the Heels. I just wanted to see the crowd rush the court for the 8th time this week... - KG vs. AI (39 points), a game that ended on Iguodala's off-balanced buzzer-beater, after a 19-point Philly deficit - the Pistons (chasing the '96 Bulls for best record ever) almost got upset at the buzzer following a 43-point performance from T-Mac - a 300+ point game in Phoenix that ended w/ a Ray Allen 30-footer at the buzzer - and oh yea, Kobe dropped 81 on the hapless Raptors, 55 after half All this following a Duke loss the day before, putting UConn at #1 when they visit Assembly Hall in 2 weeks.

Dee Brown got Dee-nied!

Turning my attention to the Pacers and Hoosiers now wouldn't be so depressing if a.) Ron Artest wasn't insane and b.) IU's head coach wasn't named Mike Davis but alas they are and I'm doomed to root for teams destined for failure. I can't say I've ever lost my voice over a Colts game, but I have over high school basketball. What does that tell ya about where I live?? In 49 states it's just a game, but this is Indiana.

We been hot for a long time, burnin like a candle

T-minus 23 days

Guess who recently became an uncle...

Daniel Carrington - born January 3, 2006

My NYE weekend in Chicago

My roommate & I were planning on a New Years Eve party at our condo, but it was gaining meager interest so I made a few calls and discovered Indianapolis sucks on NYE (It only took me 23 years to figure that out) and the only logical thing to do was a roadtrip to Chi-town. So with a full cooler of beer, we headed north on I-65 at rushhour. We soon hit standstill traffic but entertainment was provided by some college girl and Nate exchanging numbers on the interstate highway ("Hey! What's your number? You're hot.") - which later proved to be the number of a terroristic family from Quebec. Less than an hour into the trip, everyone has to pee. We get off at the next exit and do our thang, but there's fuzz blocking the on-ramp. Apparently there's an accident holding up the traffic and we cannot re-enter I-65. So while driving thru Layfayette, we understandingly drink more. A few hours later, we arrive at Chicago, where I was brutally reminded why it's ca