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Mecca of College Basketball

Strictly geographically speaking, Cincinnati could rightfully call themselves the center of the Universe when it comes to basketball. Problem is, we all know most of the basketball lore from Cincy  is via an Indianapolis-native briefly providing his talents in the late 50s. The same man who the NCAA later named their Player of the Year trophy after: Oscar Robertson . Besides that, there's not much to say about Tri-State Hoops being the capital. Much of the collegiate success over recent decades have spread out to neighboring schools Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Louisville, Michigan State... the list goes far beyond just bluebloods and powerhouses - Dayton was a top-5 school just as March Madness was about to begin, until the damn panic shut it down. Creighton was contending for a top-10 spot. Iowa & Illinois were ranked in the top-10.  I might be so bold as to say that in any given year, at least half the ranked teams are from the Midwest. Yep, that includes  NET , RPI , Sagar

Indy named in "21 Best Places to Go in '21"

The Best of the Best - in the World

Trump-Biden Presidential debate 2020

Love the applause from the crowd getting Wallace to turn around and glare at them. He already knows.  First topic: fellow Hoosier Amy Coney Barrett Wallace : Why is he right? Why is your opponent wrong? Trump (no hello or thanks): She's good, all good, great, greatest, single greatest, etc... Biden : First of all, thank you. (Trump: thankyou) Biden then goes off topic, gives historic numbers, some false about ACA. Then says WOMENS RIGHTS are in jeopardy and they're charged more for the same procedure. (Trump shakes head) So it's not appropriate to move forward.  Trump : Your numbers are false. (Narrator's note: AAAAAAND here.we.go) Biden : The election's already started (chuckles) Wallace interjects: yep, we're open to discussion Biden : {clarifies}  Trump : You're not the Democratic Party Biden : I am the party Trump : Not according to Harris I noticed Joe won't look at Trump. He just smiles and freezes when confronted with troublesome facts.  Wallace w

Notre Dame saves college football

Now that the tide has turned again for the B1G and football is back on for an 8 week schedule including a championship game in Indianapolis on December 19th, we can maybe safely assume PAC12 will eventually wise up as well and come to some sort of plan to play and no asterisks will be needed to crown this year's champ.  It turns out that Notre Dame's decision to join the ACC convinced them and others not to postpone their seasons.  Just as the tide was turning and pulling back, our lord savior Swarbrick stuck his mighty stick on the ocean floor and parted a clearing for the masses to follow towards salvation and the promised land. 

When people ask why I still live in Indiana

Thanks to VisitHamCo for the list: Top Place to Live (Hamilton County) – CNN Money #1 Place to Live in America (Fishers) – Money Magazine Best Cities to Relocate to in America (Indianapolis/Carmel) – CNBC Best Cities for Young Professionals (Indianapolis/Carmel) – Forbes Magazine #1 Best City to Raise a Family in the Midwest (Carmel) – Yahoo Finance America’s Best City for Families (Fishers) – The Mortgage Reports Best Place to Raise a Family (Hamilton County) – Forbes Magazine Top Ten Best Towns for Families (Westfield) – Family Circle Magazine #2 Happiest Suburbs in the Nation (Fishers) – Movoto Real Estate #14 Best Place to Live (Carmel) – CNN Money Magazine #20 Best Small Town to Live in (Noblesville) – Source: