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Pura Vida

Wanna get away? MRW SW flies to Costa Rica for $420: pack my bag, grab my passport, fly to Liberia, take a 40 min shuttle to Tamarindo, and check into the best-rated hostel. A nice selection of surfboards await.  Wake up to the sound of waves crashing and exotic bird calls as the sun rules the day: play volleyball, do some snorkeling and of course surfing. Most importantly, taking time to watch the sunset. Then shower, rally yourself, and party til four, and stare at the stars in the sky while sleeping in... and then doing it all over again.  This is the one of the spots I was thrashin' some groovy waves, dude. Totally gnarly! Caught some curl at Playa Tamarindo, Playa Langosta and Playa Avellana. Also practiced some Hatha Yoga, Pilates, and Vinyasa Flow. The Restoration & Renewal feels like getting massage.  Hot and humid - and the weather was nice too!  I found a slice of Indiana thanks to Mikey B - originally from South Bend but