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Poolside w/ DJ

Quiznos next spokesbaby: He's wondering what I'm really looking at... He likes my tongue?

In-Why-See recap

I had no expectations, and obviously had no plans, and that's what made it so fucking sweet. I didn't get to see all that Big Apple offers, which makes me want to visit again this weekend. From what I remember, I did get to experience Chinatown, Lil Italy, SoHo, 5th Ave, and of course, Central Park. The hazy parts are highlighted by our Sat-nite trip to Stereo (29th & 12th Ave)... waltzing past the red velvet rope of unfabulous people, we partied with DJ AM (aka Mr Nicole Richie) all night enjoying multiple bottles of vodka, and apparently capped off by a couple Chinese Fire Drills on Broadway. I say 'apparently' because... I don't remember anything after the sixth or seventh blunt - which would probably explain why I slept outside my first night in New York City. View more snaps here