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Happy Leap Day!

The Indianapolis Colts enter the free agency signing period this morning with no intent on snatching-up any marquee players. In fact, since 2003 only 1 NFL free agent has been offered a contract by the Colts (Adam Vinatieri). The Colts draft so well they don't have to scramble for talent, and thus eliminating any risk of grabbing a player in haste. Also, Colts owner Jim Irsay has expanded the horseshoe logo to the LPGA by sponsoring golfer Becky Lucidi ( pictured ) .  Are the Indiana Hoosiers looking for a new head coach? That all depends on how well Dan Dakich's team performs in the NCAA tournament. He's probably more than capable of coaching this squad, but I fear IU is looking for a big-name hire to lure the top recruits. If we've learned one thing from Purdon't this year is that you can put together a no-name-team of underclassmen and still contend for the conference title - as long as you emphasize the fundamentals like defense and ball control. Of course, th