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Happy Leap Day!

The Indianapolis Colts enter the free agency signing period this morning with no intent on snatching-up any marquee players. In fact, since 2003 only 1 NFL free agent has been offered a contract by the Colts (Adam Vinatieri). The Colts draft so well they don't have to scramble for talent, and thus eliminating any risk of grabbing a player in haste.
LPGA Becky Lucidi Colts horseshoe
Also, Colts owner Jim Irsay has expanded the horseshoe logo to the LPGA by sponsoring golfer Becky Lucidi (pictured)

Are the Indiana Hoosiers looking for a new head coach? That all depends on how well Dan Dakich's team performs in the NCAA tournament. He's probably more than capable of coaching this squad, but I fear IU is looking for a big-name hire to lure the top recruits. If we've learned one thing from Purdon't this year is that you can put together a no-name-team of underclassmen and still contend for the conference title - as long as you emphasize the fundamentals like defense and ball control. Of course, these players aren't really 'no-namers', they're actually Indiana HS All-Stars, but the point is IU doesn't have to shoot for the moon to win. Prominent names that have been thrown around include Thad Matta, Rick Pitino and Rick Barnes. Lesser-known candidates on the radar include ex-Boiler Kevin Stallings, Washington State's Tony Bennett, Wright State's Brad Brownell, Baylor's Scott Drew and Xavier's Sean Miller.

The Indiana Pacers are dealing with more off-court troubles now that Shawne Williams' pal has been arrested for a Memphis murder. This news comes after a report that a woman was raped at Marquis Daniels' home last month, David Harrison failing a 3rd drug test, Jamaal Tinsley the target of a drive-by, Williams arrested for having no license/expired plates/possession of gun & weed, JT and 'Quisy beating up a club owner, Stephen Jackson firing a pistol and kicking a retard... and all this after the infamous brawl in Detroit. We make the Bengals look like choir boys.

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