Thursday, May 07, 2015

Biggest sports moments in Indiana history

Yesterday marked the 20-year anniversary of Reggie Miller's 8 points in 9 seconds. I started to wonder, where would that moment rank if it were played in the state of Indiana? Here are some from from recent memory:
  • 2011 Indy 500: 100th Anny, rookie (JRH) leads final turn/lap, crashes; Wheldon wins again, his last
  • 2006 AFC Championship in Hoosier Dome. 38-34. Cheaters lose
  • 2010 Final Four: small, local school w/ half-court buzzer to beat #1 Devils
  • 2011 Watshot 3-pt winner at buzzer over #1 and undefeated Wildcats
  • 2001 Haston 3-pt winner at buzzer over #1 and undefeated Spartans
  • 2014 AFC Divisional playoffs: Andrew Luck's 24-pt comeback win
  • The NBA pipeline
  • 2000 Pacers reaching NBA Finals
Last Century:
  • Jeff Gordon winning inaugural Brickyard 400
  • 1993 Notre Dame over #1 FSU (and '88 title)
  • Bob Knight's championships, chair-toss & choke
  • 1987 Pan Am Games
  • Multiple ABA Championships in the 70s (and Nancy Leonard's fundraiser)
  • Larry Bird
  • Oscar Robertson
  • Bobby Plump & Milan HS
  • Hoosiers
  • Rudy
  • Breaking Away
  • Slick Leonard
  • John Wooden
Honorable mention: Tony Hulman, Mike Aulby, Isiah Lord Thomas, Shawn Kemp, Glenn Robinson, Damon Bailey, Billy Keller, Scott Skiles, Steve Alford

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