Monday, March 30, 2015

The Perfect Storm

The topic dominating airwaves for weeks is a crescendo this week in Indianapolis. America's best city is hosting another Final Four, this time featuring bluebloods Duke & Kentucky, as well B1Gs: Wisconsin and Michigan State. As if the game needed any more attention, the NCAA (and others) have publicly denounced the RFRA bill signed into Indiana law last week. Legislation was forced to specify a Federal law with similar language after gays were denied cake at a local bakery.

The result of that legal battle that required clarification has rubbed many liberals the wrong way (rightfully so) but Mike Pence doesn't deserve to be called a bigot. Understanding the language of the bill is the first thing everyone should do before you go off criticizing all Hoosiers and boycott the entire state. Bill Clinton signed the Federal RFRA over 20 years ago, and Obama signed the Illinois RFRA as well. So why is the outrage directed only at Indiana? They hate us cuz they anus.

Before you throw a tantrum, keep this in mind: it can be used to defend oneself against lawsuits or administrative action. It can’t be used affirmatively to try and deprive others of the protections of law. By boycotting, you're essentially doing the same thing you're accusing the intolerant of doing - not conducting business with someone based on their (constitutionally protected) beliefs. Religious or not, everyone should follow the Golden Rule, respect karma and maintain inner peace.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chuchos Y Túmulos

This is an epic about a man and his best friend (and his wife & daughter) as they journeyed through Mexico, Guatemala and the Yucatan.

We decided to drive to Cancun and back, spending a couple weeks in Guatemala and visiting ancient pyramids and other archaeological structures. We camped in a tent on the beach, on lakes, in the jungle, backyards, but also stayed at a handful of hotels. Travis' wife & daughter were able to visit their family while I snorkled, relaxed and paraglided off mountains on Lake Atitlan. Let's begin, shall we?

1st stop: Austin, Texas on Superbowl Sunday. A quick round of disc golf and a bite at Denny's. And why did Wilson have to throw that interception at the goalline?
The next day took us all the way to Mexico City, specifically:

Here I am in front of the Pyramid of the Sun.

another shot, this time I'm standing on the Moon. Possibly floating in the clouds at this point. 

On February 3rd we visited Oaxaca. The views here were spectacular.

 Because of its remote location and massive size, this was the only place we paid for a tour-guide. He explained how the location was an advantage and how far back the trade routes go. You can see the city beyond the trees.  Here is where we found some ancient artifacts, sprinkled on the ground. 

Top 12 Comedy Podcasts

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