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It's a Jeep thing...

SchrockStar's NFL Power Rankings

1. Colts - let's be honest: I'm a homer, they're #1 until they lose a game. I know their Run D sucks, but they'll fix it by January 2. Bears - everyone knows how scary their D is, but Grossman has quickly matured into a stable QB 3. Eagles - Winning with so few superstars demonstrates Reid's coaching staff is The Elite of the league 4. Chargers - This team can't get much better at any position - except the most important one, QB 5. Seahawks - They don't lose at home, and you can't stop their 4 WR+Alexander attack - sans Lions, Ravens and Bears. Oh my! Watching from home? 6. Broncos - Brutal schedule may prevent them from making playoffs, but they can beat any team on any day 7. Bengals - winning @ PITT was negated by losing at home to N.E. - will the real CIN please stand up? 8. Ravens - Their D can win them games as long as McNair doesn't lose them 9. Jaguars - blanking SBXL champs means they can no longer fly under the radar; need to improve coachi