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Hi! You may or may not know me that well, but you found your way here and now you're stuck with me. You're gonna read this whole post, if not scroll down further. You still here? Good. My name is Pete, people call me SchrockStar . I will call you... later. For now, let me tell you about me. I recently moved into a house in Fishers/Noblesville near Deer Creek . I just started a new job at Walker Information doing IT stuff . I just spent a 5-day vacation in Bloomington that can only be retold w/ pictures . On Monday, I had a first-date w/ a waitress I met on Valentine's Day. The McD's PoY sat 5 ft from us at dinner. He wore a bib. She wasn't wearing any panties. And last night, J-O gave me his armband after sitting courtside in his career playoff game vs the Nets . These things make me happy. I also love music , women, Hoosiers and life; and I couldn't care less if I suddenly died tomorrow. I've lost count how many times I've blacked out in 200

Lil 5 2k6

Chillin on the rooftop on a nice sunny day... drinking a brew with the boys before the race. G.Phi-B Ashley has such a beautiful smile! Ladies & Gentlemen: Swampwater. Live it. I could be wrong, but I may be intoxicated. More beautiful women. Is it my birthday?