Thursday, May 23, 2013

Indy features nations best young pro studs

1. Indy: Paul George and Andrew Luck
2. Washington: Bryce Harper and RG3
3. San Fran: Buster Posey and Colin Kaepernick
4.  L.A.: Mike Trout and Blake Griffin
5. Houston: JJ Watt and James Harden
6. Chicago: Derrick Rose and Jonathan Toews
7. Pittsburgh: Sidney Crosby and Andrew McCutchen
8. Tampa: Steven Stamkos and Doug Martin
9. ATL: Julio Jones and Justin Upton
10. Dallas: Dez Bryant and Yu Darvish

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Hicks v Knicks

The rivalry was unofficially born in '93, climaxed in '95, and renewed at the turn of the century. Six playoff meetings in 8 years ending in 2000. If you look at today's Pacers roster, all of them were just kids when this happened, even David West. Larry Bird built this team, following Donnie Walsh's footsteps, then Walsh built this current Knickerbocker squad. That's why this match-up is a basketball lovers dream: each team's playing style reflecting their home market's identity. NYC run&gun/street ball versus Indiana's defense/rebounding.
Hoosiers vs Hoopers, or Hoovers, or Hooders... I'm still working on an improved title, but until then its "Hicks vs Knicks"

Top 12 Comedy Podcasts

I'm not calling this a list of my favorites, because I know this to be fact, not opinion: Kill Tony T.Y.S.O. Bad Friends Are You Garbage...