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Indy Wine Opener

Brian Mehler asked me to update my blog, so here it is... Hi Brian! Also, I want to holler at you about the Indy Wine Opener tonight @ Conseco Fieldhouse. Proceeds benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation . This is THE event for all the grown and sexy professionals in the 317; so I hope to see you there!

§ Indy Amateur Basketball Stars Shining Bright

[ click to reveal Football Stars ] 1.1 * - Mike Conley (LN) Averaging 8/3/3 for Grizz 1.1 - Greg Oden (LN) An NBA veteran in the rookie game?? 4.6 - Eric Gordon (North Central) Attempted at least 10 FG in every game since Xmas/bday 5.6 - George Hill (Broad Ripple) Averaging 6.6 ppg for Spurs 9.1 - Josh McRoberts (Carmel) Can he blossom into starter for Pacers? 11.3 - Courtney Lee (Pike) Magic SG lost starting spot to Mickael Pietrus now that AJ has taken over PG 11.3 - Robert Vaden (Pike) Blazin away in Alabama, will he be drafted? 11.3 - Jeff (& Marquis) Teague (Pike) Both are amazingly hot right now - elder is All-ACC 13.0 - Rodney Carney (Northwest) Former Highjump Champ averaging 5 ppg for T-Wolves * = distance (in miles) from their HS to Exit  20 0 of  I- 69

Is it 2010 yet?

Thinking ahead to next year, I'm trying to put together a depth chart based on minutes this year, perceived talent , Rivals' rankings , Terry Hutchens' blog , etc. We've actually over-committed on the scholarships by 1, which means if nobody transfers or gets kicked off the team, IU will be responsible for telling one of the current scholarship players that they're gonna have to pay their own way for tuition. Yikes. My guess before Saturday's game vs O$U was that person would be Matt Roth, but that was until the kid went 9-11 from long range. My next best guess would be Tijan Jobe, but how do you essentially 'cut' a 7-footer entering his senior year? You can't. It still may be too early to speculate, but this could potentially become a major issue. Anyway, next year's freshman class (and redshirted Jeremiah Rivers) will bring big bodies and leadership, two things lacking from this year's squad. As you can see, we'll finally have depth i