Saturday, February 14, 2009

§ Indy Amateur Basketball Stars Shining Bright

1.1* - Mike Conley (LN)
Averaging 8/3/3 for Grizz
1.1 - Greg Oden (LN)
An NBA veteran in the rookie game??
4.6 - Eric Gordon (North Central)
Attempted at least 10 FG in every game since Xmas/bday
5.6 - George Hill (Broad Ripple)
Averaging 6.6 ppg for Spurs
9.1 - Josh McRoberts (Carmel)
Can he blossom into starter for Pacers?
11.3 - Courtney Lee (Pike)
Magic SG lost starting spot to Mickael Pietrus now that AJ has taken over PG
11.3 - Robert Vaden (Pike)
Blazin away in Alabama, will he be drafted?
11.3 - Jeff (& Marquis) Teague (Pike)
Both are amazingly hot right now - elder is All-ACC
13.0 - Rodney Carney (Northwest)
Former Highjump Champ averaging 5 ppg for T-Wolves

* = distance (in miles) from their HS to Exit 200 of  I-69

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