Monday, April 25, 2016

LOCAL sports & politics; NATL headlines

Fellow Lawrence Central HS alum Kyle Guy has captured the hearts of thousands of basketball fans, a number that could swell to millions if he reaches the NBA (like dozens of other Indy hoopers). He almost has that many haters, too. Whether he's shushing the crowd or mocking their jeers - the kid's got swag; not to mention, athletic genes. Kyle's dad, Joe, was a standout WR at LC back in 1994. Lee Larkins, one of Kyle's first coaches, predicted he'd win Mr Basketball when Kyle was in 6th grade. JR Shelt inserted him into the starting lineup freshman year and didn't look back. Last season, he led the Bears to their best record since '96. Flashback to my glory days: LC went to semi-state in '98. Ultimately, he chose Virginia over IU because he 'connected' with Tony Bennett better than Tom Crean. That needs to be fixed.

Indiana Hoosiers picked up a JUCO transfer and just in time for Spring Creaning. Priller? Troy? I'm less surprised he chose to test the NBA than Thomas Bryant deciding to stay. Kudos, young man.

Indiana Pacers tied the playoff series at 2-2 and now head to Toronto for a best of three series. #PG13daTroof

Indianapolis Colts Draft this weekend has a lot of great OTs but Colts desperately need a stud Guard/Center combo, like Martin (ND) or Kelly (Bama). And Rush-DE/LB, as always. Who's the gem and will Grigson land him?

Indianapolis 500 is just around the corner and yours truly just did a commercial shoot today, with one of the Indycar drivers, by the last name Andretti... *ahem* Marco! Booyah, my life is dope.

This has been the weirdest Presidential campaign and now the spotlight is on Indiana. Shillary makes her first appearance in Indiana tomorrow while Donald Drumpf defies all logic and continues to lead the field of GOP candidates, now whittled down to 2. Ted Cruz picked up an endorsement from John Kasich just ahead of the Indiana primary. Then Donald counters with a surprise Bob Knight announcement. Boom Baby? #Bern1

*Bonus: Tommy Brady will now have to sit 4 games of 2016, and the Patriots still lose their 1st Rd Pick (again).

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