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Whiz kid takes advanced classes at IUPUI

Jacob Barnett is 12 years old and has Aspergers, a mild form of autism that allows brain development to expand at a rapid rate, but also causes him to be socially reserved.  His PhD-level understanding of math and science has garnered him a 'genius' label. His passion in the field of Astrophysics will soon turn into paid research, a possible Nobel prize, and maybe even solving the Big Bang Theory. Other than that, Jake is just another healthy kid growing up in Hamilton County .

IU's Derek Drouin is National Athlete of the Year

The High-jump champ was awarded this honor - the 1st in BigTen history - by the U.S. Track & Field and XC Coaches Association. The junior from Corunna, Ontario won his 3rd NCAA title in the high jump (2nd-straight indoor title) by clearing 7'-7.75", which broke the all-time BigTen record and tied the Canadian record. Drouin won his 4th BigTen high jump crown en route to BigTen Field Athlete of the Year and Great Lakes Region Athlete of the Year honors as well.

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Meltdown

[click image to watch video]

Mitch Daniels 2012 gains momentum

This past month has seen a flurry of articles from  political insiders and national pundits boasting Mitch Daniels at " the It  boy " likely to receive the 2012 GOP bid. As noted in my previous post, it picked up steam right after  CPAC  - which Ron Paul actually won , but that sparked a mention of Mitch on the cover of TIME magazine ,  Jon Stewart commenting on Mitch's chances based on his "height and hair", ABC News says he's a "nerdy chic" choice, and now  George Will  says Daniels has "the low-key charisma of competence." Will he enter the race or let the deadline pass without blinking?