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Tenacious 'E'; Ron Artest rumors

GQ article has Jack Black recalling a recent bender while shooting 'Kong': "But there was a lost weekend where I had a little time off and I did some Ecstasy and I went on a kind of crazy rampage and I started smoking (again)," he says. "Me and another member of the cast, who will remain nameless, just running around, dancing around, drinking and Ecstasizing, smoking like a chimney. And then it was over." I liked him before, but now I love him. His Orange County performance was Oscar-worthy and Hollywood should create more supporting roles just for him. I'm adding him to list of people I'd like to meet, alongside Dennis Rodman and Sticky Fingaz. That'd be one helluva limo ride... Recent rumors have Golden State in talks with the Pacers involving either Jason Richardson or Baron Davis. Good news: They're both very much stars. Bad news: we'd probably have to package someone not named Croshere or Pollard. Dunleavy likes Artest but won&

The SchrockStars?

Someone is infringing upon my moniker... While googling 'schrockstar' (" For to google thyself is to know thyself, and to see thyself as others see you") I found this website where this broad is claiming to be SchrockStar, and consequently after marriage will henceforth be known as The SchrockStars . Wow. Get some sleaves, lady.

I Have a Dream...

I have a vision of someday creating a web portal . In today's world, most wired people (if you're reading this, that's you) visit at least a dozen sites daily, sometimes hundreds. I honestly check ~50 sites before noon; I have 17 links at the top of my FireFox browser staring at me waiting to be molested. Of course, the most common reason for checking these sites is to be informed, whether it be local/national news, sports, blogs, Fark, and yes - even celebrity gossip, etc. And we all know how wildly popular Facebook and MySpace are. If I can just devise a way to combine the sites that my social network views online, and then create a way that recommends that material to me, I think that would be vanguard of Kanye capacity. It's one thing for someone to provide RSS feeds to their site, but to have only the information that matters to you is what sets it apart. Maybe Google's already working on this . Or maybe Mark Zuckerberg. If nobody is, I'd like to announce