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America's Most Underrated City

It's that time of the year where Indianapolis takes center stage again - on ABC Sunday afternoon, to be specific. Forbes recently ran an article touting Indy as the most underrated, partly due to being the 35th largest city yet hangs with the elite, in terms of things like value, food, sports, steak, golf, and unique activities.  You might think it's weird to list both steak and food, plus golf and sports, but when you're ranked at the top of your class, you gotta give it its own press. Sports:  #1 football stadium (LucasOil) #1 basketball stadium (Fieldhouse) #1 Superbowl experience (2012) #1 sporting event (Indy 500) #1 Final Four host (8 times) #1 NFL Combine host NBA All-Star 2021 2024 host BCS Championship 2022 host  Annual NCAA Championships for Swimming, Gymnastics, Track & Field. And best of all... Golf Pete Dye courses (The Fort, The Brickyard, Maple Creek) PGA events (Crooked Stick) #2 city for public golf courses (Fishers) #1 rated publ


If you're a stock investor, you've probably seen the FANG acronym being used. Google is now Alphabet so it needs a revision. Allow me to sprinkle some § flair on Jim Cramer's original by adding some other can't-pass-up tech stocks: F acebook A mazon N etflix T esla A pple S alesforce M icrosoft A lphabet So there you have it, FANTASMA . My new favorite word is actually a Spanish word for GHOST or PHANTOM.  Hmm, Indy happens to be home to a certain Pro Bowler who calls himself the Ghost. And he wears a spooky number that supposed to be unlucky. But the horseshoe hung upside-down represents luck and the guy feeding him the ball is named Luck! Just like (another "Indy")  ND up-state uses the clover, which when found as 4 petals (Four Horsemen? Horses again!) means luck! And a Leprechaun with his lucky charms and a pot of gold!!  What does all this mean? Duh. Bet on Colts to win the Superbowl. Almost all the pieces are there (still