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Multimedia message

New comforter June 13 update: My gf says I can no longer refer to said comforter as 'new'. She said we've broken it in too many times. (TMI?)

Tweet this, Americuh

Okay, I've finally given in to the immense pressure from nobody and decided to make this blog more user-friendly... I am accepting your feedback in the form of, get ready for it, comments! My first topic of discussion is Google's attempt to buy Twitter . Having already bought giants Youtube and Blogspot, the internet is basically becoming property of Google - we're just lucky enough to use it free of charge. I remember registering my GMail account 5 years ago and thinking "What does this search engine website think they're doing?" Soon after I discovered GoogleEarth, Picasa, Docs and iGoogle, I knew that this was no ordinary web site. My life is positively changed because of their products, and I owe them. I'm considering giving my firstborn the name G 00 glè ( gü- glay ), or at least as a middle name. And yep, those are zeros... representin c/o ' 00 whodi!