Sunday, April 29, 2007

Freddie Keiaho is the future

With the 2 picks the Colts made late last night it's safe to say we're not looking at ILB Brandon Siler. I was hoping maybe the Colts would love to add a National Champion to their roster of World Champions... or maybe his knee injury scurr'd them enough to go with CB Daymeion Hughes and this lovely fellow:
Are we obsessed with the Big Ten??

2007: 1-Anthony Gonzalez (O$U), 3-Quinn Pitcock ^^ (O$U)

2006: 1-Marlin Jackson (UM), 2-Kelvin Hayden (UI)

2005: 2-Bob Sanders (Iowa), 3-Ben Hartsock (O$U), 3-Gilbert Gardner (PU)

2004: 1-Dallas Clark (Iowa), 2-Mike Doss (O$U)

Throw in 3 more Wisconsin guys in those same years, plus 2 kickers (Rayner and Kimball) and it's quite obvious we love the Big10. I love the Roy Hall pick. This guy probably won't make the roster, but he will most likely be AG's rommie through camp, thus easing the transition for Peyton's new #3. Classy move akin to (IU?) bringing in a high school recruit's coach to the college staff.
Polian gave up next year's first round pick (for the third time since Dungy arrived) to select Tony Ugoh at pick #42.
Remember, Antoine Bethea was selected in the 6th round last year. Who's the secondary gem this year? Michael Coe? Brandon Condren?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dear Mr Oden,

When you hear your dad say, "Why wait when there's a chance of getting hurt?" know that it's his paternal duty to support you. He also thinks you're getting your degree in your off-season (haha). But then I read your ex-coach's comments:
"He's averaging like nine shots a game, and he's shooting 60 percent or better. It's frustrating for him," Jimmy Smith, Oden's first coach and one of his closest friends, said prior to the Final Four.
"They want him to play all this defense, then they want to go down and shoot the 3," Smith said. "By talking to him, I know it's frustrating to him that he doesn't get the ball as much as he should."
So you're frustrated about not getting more shots per game? What makes you think you'll get more shots in Memphis? or Boston? For as mature as you look, you surely aren't showing any wisdom. Nobody believes what your dad said, except maybe you.

W.T.F is going to make your draft status drop???

You & your best friend create the best 1-2 combo in the nation. Where is your competitive desire to win? You lost (maybe) ten games in 5 years and you're tossing aside W's for ½ the salary you'd be making if you waited til after you graduate. Thad's elite classes will continually provide title aspirations... while Paul Pierce and Damon Stoudamire will keep your wins at a minimum. I didn't know if you noticed, but being on national TV a couple dozen times per year aint bad. But hey, at least now you're rich!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

With the 32nd pick, the XLi Champs select...

The defense lost two solid veterans in Cato June and Nick Harper, but I doubt we'll be looking for a CB with a core secondary of Bob Sanders, Antoine Bethea, Jason David, Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden. I've heard reports that Ron Meeks and Mike Murphy are ready to push Freddie Keiaho to start at LB alongside Rob Morris and Gary Brackett. This is obviously the ONLY HOLE in the Colts starting 25 (22 + Hunter Smith, Adam Vinatieri, Terrence Wilkins). The run-defense stepped up in the playoffs, but you cannot expect Booger and Brock to plug the gaps every down.

The next position we need to look at is RB. With the absence of Rhodes, Peyton will need a similar compliment to handle some of the rushing/blocking when Addai rests. The type of player Gene Huey wants here will be someone that's available on Day #2 or even in Free Agency.

When Brandon Stokely only played a handful of games, we saw replacement-wannabes continually drop passes from Peyton's laser-rocket arm. Morehead is still too raw, and Dallas Clark was only a temporary slot-receiver. There is an abundance of talented WRs in this year's draft, but I doubt Polian will flinch at the studs that'll be available.

Here's a look at some possible candidates for the 32nd pick in the 2007 draft:

• Brandon Siler (LB) UF
• Jon Beason (LB) Miami
• Justin Harrell (DT) Tennessee
• Anthony Spencer (DE/LB) Purdue
• Dwayne Jarret (WR) USC
• Steve Smith (WR) USC
• Brian Leonard (RB) Rutgers

Polian's previous 10 1st round picks:
Joe Addai, Marlin Jackson, Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney, Reggie Wayne, Rob Morris, Edge, Peyton Manning, Tarik Glenn, Marvin Harrison

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