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Top10 TV channels

Yes, I'm ranking my favorite television channels... don't judge me. Comedy (30 Rock, Conan, The Office, SNL, Notre Dame football) and Drama (Friday Night Lights, Southland, Heroes, Olympics) plus TV's #1 slot: Sunday Night Football True Blood, Hung, Entourage, Bill Maher, 6' Under, The Wire, Curb, Flight of the Conchords, Eastbound & Down... stellar lineup and the commercials are absent. Daily Show, Colbert Report, South Park, and Tosh.0 put this channel tops among basic cable. The late-night (often uncensored) stand-ups are DVR gold Cops, Speeders, awesome car chases and a slew of titles that begin with " Most Shocking/Extreme/Horrifying" have me a fan of reality TV. (Not reality, actuality!) NOVA and Nature alone put PBS in the top five (although American Experience and random nudity are bonuses) and oh, guess what, NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS Not only does it stream live stats, it's mildly entertaining, uber-political, tech savvy, scientific, and often int

Joey Chestnut, American Hero

Joey Chestnut captured his 3rd consecutive title by chomping down 68 hot dogs to beat Kobayashi's 64. Jaws has come a long way since his defeat in 2005, where he was outpaced 49-37. Kobayashi had been the prior reigning champ since 2001, when just 25 dogs secured victory.