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Hicks v Knicks

The rivalry was unofficially born in '93, climaxed in '95, and renewed at the turn of the century. Six playoff meetings in 8 years ending in 2000. If you look at today's Pacers roster, all of them were just kids when this happened, even David West. Larry Bird built this team, following Donnie Walsh's footsteps, then Walsh built this current Knickerbocker squad. That's why this match-up is a basketball lovers dream: each team's playing style reflecting their home market's identity. NYC run&gun/street ball versus Indiana's defense/rebounding.
Hoosiers vs Hoopers, or Hoovers, or Hooders... I'm still working on an improved title, but until then its "Hicks vs Knicks"

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Hyperbolic Obit for Hyperbolic Orbit

Did you see the lunar eclipse this morning? Did you see the one last month!? Do you even watch the sky, bro?? Comet Leonard [named after Colts All-Pro Darius Leonard] aka c/2021, the year's best & brightest, will make it's first and only appearance in the East before sunrise (between Big Dipper's handle & Arcturus) and then in the western sky after sunset starting on the 14th, looking towards the sun (ouch!)  I say "only" appearance because this happened 80,000 years ago but let's be honest they didn't have the tools we have now, and we're not yet positive this'll be visible to the unaided eye. But we do know it's hyperbolic orbit will soon fling the comet out of the Milky Way, and possibly into another solar system lightyears away.  RIP Comet Leonard 12/12/21 You're a Star (& comet)

64-team bracket BLANK

Go ahead and knock yourself out with this blank bracket, but I ( and Joe Lunardi ) find it more enjoyable setting the field before Sunday...

Indy vs. Boston battle for America's best suburbs

Joining Carmel as one of the best places to live in America (and the world), neighbors Zionsville and Westfield are now also ranked in the top 10 in the newest ‘Best Small Cities’ study, according to WalletHub: Boston & Indy suburbs dominated the top of the list, with Lancaster (PA) taking the top spot.  Not only is Indianapolis one of the fastest growing cities in America, it's the only city on the list not located in the South or West: