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Mike Davis' '04 Recruits: Where are they now?

Josh Smith NBA Hawks IU Hoosiers

Josh Smith - tearing up the NBA (and winning a slam dunk contest) averaging 18 points, 8 boards, 4 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals per game. His combined blocks+assists (4.9) leads the league and does wonders for my fantasy team

Robert Vaden - one of the most dangerous scorers in college basketball is in his 2nd season with the Blazers, following former-IU Head Coach Mike Davis from Bloomington to Birmingham.
Robert Vaden UAB Blazers IU Hoosiers
James Hardy IU Hoosiers football touchdownJames Hardy - IU football's stud is entering next month's draft projected as a late-first-rounder. The 3-time All-BigTen Biletnikoff finalist is also the Hoosiers' all-time receiving leader in touchdowns (36), yards (2,690) and receptions (186)

AJ Ratliff IU Hoosiers

AJ Ratliff - IU student finishing his final semester in Bloomington; one month removed from the Hoosiers squad and 4 yrs removed from Indiana's Mr. Basketball

DJ White - the lone remaining recruit from the c/o '04 is this year's BigTen Player of the Year

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