Tuesday, December 04, 2007

They scream 'Free Pimp C' but now they see the Pimp free

One Day You're Here, and then You're Gone

SchrockStar's Top 10 [feat.] Pimp C tracks:

1. Big Pimpin (w/ Jay-Z) "Uhhh, now what y'all know bout them Texas boys!?"
2. Murda Man Dance (w/ Spice 1) "I'm from Port Arther Texas where the hatin is high. Just for the record fuck you bitches you hos aint fly."
3. Sippin on Some Sizzurp (w/ Three Six Mafia) "If you got 16, you can get a biz-zerd. I'm choking on that doja sweet and sipping on that sizz-erp"
4. International Players Anthem (w/ Outkast) "Some hoes wanna choose but them bitches too scary. Your bitch chose me, you aint a pimp you a fairy"
5. White Girl (w/ E-40 & Juelz Santana) "Ya already know they eat nuts like a squirrel. Let me hit ya in your ass and bust nuts in your curl"
6. Do Your Time (w/ Luda, Beanie Sigel, & C-Murder) see subj head...
7. I Miss My Homies (w/ Master P & C-Murder) "So I just smoke my weed and try to clear my mind, I wish that I had the power to turn back the hands of time"
8. Akickdoe (w/ C-Murder) "Now get your mind right ninja and make a pimp rich, and never put trust in a TRICK ASS BITCH"

9. Front Back (w/ TI) "But I don't really wanna hit ya wit this hot thang - I just wanna get some brain in the turnin lane"
10. Get Throwed (w/ Jay-Z, Young Jeezy & Z-Ro) "Hittin the corner in the candy thang. Sittin on leather, grippin the grain"

Top 12 Comedy Podcasts

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