Friday, January 12, 2007

"They were who we thought they were!"

Indy wins + Chargers win = undefeated team (at home) faces another undefeated team at home. But because the Colts relaxed since Dallas, we'll have to fly --> whale's vagina; following a dance on their face and then subsequently bedding their latino women to face NFC foe in XLi.

Indy wins + Patroits win = world is over.

Here's a recent comment from fellow '00 classmate Anttaj Hawthorne:

"Dr Fantasy Champ,
You nailed it this year on the NFL Power Rankings... your top 26 teams' rankings - even the comments were money! You gotta work on getting all 31 though. I'm a Packers fan residing in Santa Clara (via New England) and you hated on all 4 of my teams!"

Hey, Anttaj - you were only a Packers fan for 4 years. Stick w/ 1 team!
At least you'll have ""The Golden Boy"" to ""Save"" your ""Franchise"":

Walker, Quinn, McKnight, Abiamiri, Ndukwe should all go early and
just maybe my Gold jersey (#23 Trey Anastasio) will represent in the 2007 draft in April.

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