Monday, October 27, 2008

Hoosiers Announce new AD: Fred Glass

It looks like the hometown hero Fred Glass beat out OregonSt's AD Bob DeCarolis and Varsity Club Dir. Scott Dolson.

Fred Glass Michael McRobbie Rick Greenspan Indiana Hoosiers NCAA► Zeke's Suicide attempt = FAIL
► Colts lose their divisional reign on MNF
► Irish Send Ty Willingham to early retirement after blowing out the Huskies
► Basketball Hoosiers are preseason-ranked 11th by everyone, which means zero expectations for a whole year. That being said, I think Pritchard and Dumes could reach All-BigTen level, but question is how soon? I'll be witnessing that sitting courtside flossin my new IU jacket
► Football Hoosiers defeated #22 ranked Northwestern during Homecoming in Bloomington this Saturday, consisting of a glorious tailgate featuring dozens of former housemates, hundreds of familiar faces, thousands of drunk coeds, an appearance by the GIN Bucket, a few hot cups of my new favorite cider: wassail, some pretty good seats and best of all: my new gf, Melissa.
More shenanigans expected this weekend with Spear, Tian, J-Dub, Jilly, Linds, and Somey all coming back to Indy to join MelD, Deter and I @ the Pacers game, the Blues Traveler concert, some drunk bowling, trick-or-treating, video games... maybe even some Denny's - I dunno if we're gonna have enough time!!

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