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NFL Defenses Power Rankings

  1. Baltimore - Ed Reed and Ray Lewis... need I say more?
  2. NYJ - new DC Mike Pettine (former Ravens LB Coach) allowing only 9 ppg
  3. NYG - has recorded only 3 sacks so far, but plenty of playmakers and championship experience
  4. Philly - league-leading 9 takeaways and 10 sacks; lots of points given up but they have DeSean Jackson returning punts
  5. Minnesota - Jared Allen & Co are hitting on all cylinders (ground-breaking journalism!)
  6. Pittsburgh - DPoY Harrison & Co are missing Troy Polamalu's drive-stopping ability
  7. Denver - under 6 ppg allowed thus far, albeit vs JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn
  8. Chicago - Brian Urlacher out for the season, but they've rallied and will not break
  9. Indy - the #1 DE combo and loads of talent in the secondary, but major weakness at LB
  10. Tennessee - 71 points allowed in just 3 games has the divisional favorite winless thus far
  11. Green Bay
  12. Seattle
  13. New England
  14. San Diego
  15. Miami
  16. San Fran
  17. Dallas
  18. Carolina
  19. Cincy
  20. New Orleans
  21. Buffalo
  22. ATL
  23. Oakland
  24. Arizona
  25. Tampa Bay
  26. Washington
  27. Jacksonville
  28. Detroit
  29. Houston
  30. St Louis
  31. Kansas City
  32. Cleveland

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