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69 has always been a special number for me. Not only is the § symbol a slight deviance from 69, it's also the shape of our (spiral) galaxy. It represents duelness, liquidated Karma, and the zodiac sign for Cancer. Some say its a symbol of Yin&Yang. Billy Madison lolz when Miss Veronica Vaughn asks the class to "turn to page 69", but I wont get into that. Apostle St. Peter, whom I was named after and was also the first Pope, died in 69 AD. Then there's The Summer of '69. Room temperature? 69°. When I was in 6th grade, REM's song "Star-69" was on the radio. There are 6.9 billion people on Earth. I was born at Community North off Interstate 69. I attended Skiles Test Elementary which is located precisely 1 block north of Indianapolis' address grid: 69 Block North, 69 Block East. Odd, right?
Using Google Maps, I put markers on all major landmarks of my life and then noticed a strong northeastern pattern. I mapped a straight line (called "Life Path") from Bloomington to the exact middle of this conglomerate of landmarks and discovered that I'm going to hell. Well, at least Purgatory, which is (wait for it...) 69 miles from Bloomington!

** Points of interest directly under this imaginary line: Indiana University, Victory Field, State Capitol building, Benjamin Harrison's Home, MLK Memorial Park, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Castleton Mall, Allisonville Rd, River Glen CC, Connor Prairie and Noblesville's Retail District (Hare Chevrolet & Kahlo Jeep) at SR-37/32/38. 

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