Monday, August 22, 2011

Roselawn named "Kinkiest City in America"

What towns come to mind when you hear the term 'Kinky'? San Francisco? Las Vegas? Miami? Lonely Planet's survey results found a small town in Indiana to be the raunchiest of them all...
"Not only does Roselawn maintain a thriving (and family friendly!) nudist resort, the Ponderosa Sun Club also hosts a yearly pageant called “Nudes-A-Poppin,” MC’d by none other than famed porn star Ron Jeremy. It’s not just the strippers and porn stars shaking their money makers on stages and poles that draw thousands to this celebration every year; erotic dancing, public sex, and of course, exhibitionism abound. Located about 50 miles south of Chicago, on 88 acres of rural woodlands, Ponderosa also offers several G-rated recreational activities you never knew would be more awesome naked, like horseshoes, volleyball and chili cook-offs."
You'll notice on the map below that Indianapolis received an extremely high score for kinky females... I can't say I'm surprised! 

Top 12 Comedy Podcasts

I'm not calling this a list of my favorites, because I know this to be fact, not opinion: Kill Tony T.Y.S.O. Bad Friends Are You Garbage...