Thursday, March 14, 2019

Indy-area concert venue ranked as world's top amphitheatre

The 24k-capacity music center (affectionately known as Deer Creek by locals for the past 30 years) finished 2018 as the top-ranked outdoor concert hall in the nation world. Also known as 'Ruoff' something-or-other to outsiders, it's home in Noblesville is nestled upon 228 beautiful acres in Hamilton County, recently ranked #1 place to live.
Selling over 588k tickets to 50+ shows during it's Summer Series, Indy outpaced Houston, Denver, SF, LA, DC, Detroit, Philly, Boston and even Berlin - all ranked in the top 10.

Indy's largest indoor venue, Lucas Oil Stadium, had one concert all year (Taylor Swift) which sold 55k+ tickets at 100% capacity.  

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