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Josh Hamilton and Edinson Volquez - where are they now?

Last December, the Reds were desperately seeking a pitcher to join veterans Aaron Harang & Bronson Arroyo and young studs Johnny Cueto & Homer Bailey in the starting lineup. They also had a plethora of talent in the outfield; Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey, Jr covered the sides while Norris Hopper, Ryan Freel and Josh Hamilton rotated in and out of centerfield all season - all while Jay Bruce (OF) had just won Minor League Player of the Year. Then this happened.
Edison Volquez Josh Hamilton SchrockStar §Hamilton currently has 58 RBIs (1st), 14 HRs (2nd) and 72 hits (1st) while Edison Volquez leads the majors with a sick 1.31 ERA and 76 Ks (62 innings). It's too early to tell who got the better end of the deal, but it's clear both teams have vastly improved by addressing their biggest need(s). What do you think? Ah-ha... jk!

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