Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pacers 2015 Draft Pick @ #11

  • Last time they had a lotto pick: Paul George
  • Last time they had the #11 pick: Reggie Miller
This one has all the excitement you could ask for...
  • many think the Pacers go with the guy originally projected in the top10, but now may be slipping down others draft boards:  Willie 'Trill' C. Stein
  • or the graduate, NCAA PoY, with 2 Final Fours, and he stretches the D (basically essential in today's game): Frank Kaminsky. 
  • there's equal competition from other bigmen, like Myles Turner and Bobby Portis. 
  • there's also 2 more* Indy-area drafted in the first round: Trey Lyles and RJ Hunter
Are the Pacers looking for a win-now guy or long-term/franchise guy? Scoring or Defense? Personality or Athleticism? Big or Small? Why not both?
  • there are point-guards like Cameron Payne, and Domer grad Jerian Grant
  • the player I'll be rooting for, after he stole my heart in the NCAA tournament this year: Samuel J. Dekker
* link does not include: Gary Harris, Gordon Hayward, E'Twaun Moore, Zach Randolph, Zellers, Plumlees and JJs

** Devin Booker's eyes freak me out

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